SlanoSlano is a tourist resort with about 500 inhabitants in a gentle bay covered with Mediterranean vegetation and sandy beaches, 30 km northwest from Dubrovnik. Slano developed from a small fishermen's settlement and a centre of collecting famous aromatic herbs of the Dubrovnik littoral.

The place has been colonized since antiquity and boasts numerous cultural and historical monuments including Illyric tumuluses, Roman sarcophagi from the 5th century, Franciscan monastery and church from 14th century, vice-rector's palace and St. Blaise's church from 15th century, the Ohmučević summer residence from 18th century and several other churches and chapels.

Slano has become a popular destination for numerous tourists from the entire Europe, both for those who prefer hotel accommodation and for those who like a holiday in private houses, camping sites and especially for sailers and yacht-people for whom the 2 km long Slano Bay is an ideal resort, being sheltered from winds.


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